Winter Drop Off Menu


*serves 6-10. The more options ordered, the less you need of each selection.

beef tartar, potato crisp, mustard seeds $30

roasted beet cups, goat cheese mousse $25

mini falafel, tahini, pickles $25

potato cakes, fennel, sesame and onion seeds $20

salmon mille-feuille, lemon zest $30

savory everything macarons $25

spinach bechamel puff pastry cups $20

biscuit sliders, orange marmalade, speck $25

grilled flatbread, ricotta, sausage, confit garlic, thyme $20

maple pancetta, grits cakes $25

lemon risotto balls $25

chard cheddar mini quiche $25

Party Platters

*serves 12-15

breads and dips $90

cheese and charcuterie with accoutrements $150

vegetables with sauces and seasoning $90

Mediterranean salads $90


*small serves 10-12, large serves 25-30

herb salad with seasonal greens, manchego, sherry vinaigrette $40/$85

citrus salad, pistachio, honey vinaigrette $45/95

farro risotto, butternut squash, crispy sage $45/$95

romenesco cauliflower, miso glaze, garlic chips $45/$95

roasted beets, goat cheese crema, hazelnuts $50/$110


*inquire for pricing*

braised short rib, parsnip puree, crispy shallots, mustard seeds

roasted chicken breast, mushroom duxelle, onion soubise

miso salmon, mashed sweet potato

lamb kebabs, arugula salad

marinated steak, horseradish mashed potatoes

almond crusted pork, creamy spinach, lemon caper sauce


*small serves 10-12, large serves 25-30

brussels sprouts, balsamic, mustard seeds $45/95

carrots, tarragon, honey $45/95

smoked gouda polenta, chili oil $40/$85

sauteed kale, dates, pine nuts $45/95

couscous, caramelized onions, pistachio $45/95

brown butter cauliflower puree $45/95

roasted root vegetables $45/95

braised greens $40/$85

confit marble potatoes $40/$85