Fifty Shades of Rose

We are in the middle of summer and by now we have all had our fair share of rose. Let’s make sure you truly enjoy the rose you are quaffing on for the rest of the summer!

A brief overview of rose making techniques:

Rose is made in a few different ways. Red grapes can be pressed and the minimal skin contact will give the wine a beautiful pink color. Some roses hardly have any skin contact and result in a very pale pink color. Saignee is a popular method because it is often a bi product of red wines. A small amount of juice is ‘bled’ from the tank, allowing the remaining wine to have concentrated skin contact, while the juice that was removed is used for rose. The final method is blending, or mixing red and white wines, but is not allowed in European wine regions (except for Champagne) and can be found in New World wine regions such as the US, Australia and South Africa.

Styles of Rose

Still, sparkling, dry, off dry, canned, rose tequila. There is truly a rose for everyone, it is simply about finding what you like.

Bubble Lovers: We love Cava for so many reasons, one of which is the approachable pricing. Cava is made using methode tradicional (same as Champagne!) using traditional Spanish grapes. This Cava rose has elegant bubbles, nice acidity and makes any gathering a party.

Something Sweet: Take any bottle of rose and make a festive batch of rose sangria! We LOVE this recipe. How easy is that ;)

Floral Scents: When you are looking for a floral rose, there is no better place to look than Provence. We recommend this rose for the fluer lovers out there!

Fun and Fruity: Heading to the beach, having a pool side BBQ? This canned rose is spritzy, light and fruit forward. 8 Chicks Rose is made in NJ and is great with light snacks and hot summer nights.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and let us know what you have been drinking!

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Try New Wines

We are halfway through 2019! Earlier this year, our owner Daniel was interviewed about one of his favorite wines as part of a ‘Wine New Years Resolution’. The challenge was to try one new wine each month. With so many wines out there, it can be difficult to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Daniel spoke about a beautiful and versatile grape, Gruner Vetliner. “Grüner Veltliner comes in a range of styles starting like spring with flowers and blossoms…Lighter styles are very refreshing with a light spritz and a delicate vegetal undertone of radish, asparagus, sweet herbs, and white pepper.”

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