Building an Instaworthy Cheeseboard

Cheese, the perfect appetizer, snack, side dish and dessert. It is also one of the easiest ways to create a stunning platter with minimal time in the kitchen. With these easy steps you will be well on your way to that Insta worthy cheese board #socheesy

  1. Decide what to put your cheese board on. We love using wood or marble boards but when we are looking for a show stopper, we plate right on the table. Just make sure you line the table with parchment paper! We also recommend pre slicing the cheese so no one is cutting directly into your dining room table.

  2. Bowls! These will hold honey, jams, chutneys or even spreadable cheese. Feel free to mix and match colors and styles.

  3. Let’s talk cheese. When building a great cheese board you want a variety of flavors, textures and styles. We like to have at least one aged cheese, like pecorino romano or parmesan, one soft like St. Andres or brie, one blue cheese, one fresh cheese like burrata or chevre and then something unique like a truffle studded cheese. Tip: build your cheese plate with enough time for all the cheeses to come to room temperature before serving, about 30 minutes.

  4. Breads, crackers, chips. After the cheese is plated, the breads etc should come next. If using bread, pre slice it. Have an assortment of crackers and spread them out between the cheeses.

  5. Nuts! Salted, spiced, candied, just get them on your board to fill in between cheeses.

  6. Something fruity. Like nuts, we use dried and candied fruit to fill in the empty spaces. Fresh fruit can work as well, but stay away from anything messy or that could oxidize over the course of the night.

  7. Dip, drizzle and spread. A great compliment to cheese is something sweet and/or spicy. Local honey or even better, honey comb is a beautiful addition to any cheese plate. Jellys, jams, chutneys and mostardas are also a nice way to add flavors and colors.

  8. Greens. Still have some empty space? Fill in with fresh hearty herbs like thyme or rosemary.

  9. Enjoy! Step back and check out your masterpiece and be sure to tag us @peppercorn_events