Be a Summer BBQ Pro!

Everyone loves going to a great summer BBQ but hosting that perfect outdoor party can somethings be overwhelming. At Peppercorn Events we have a few tips to make hosting your summer BBQ a breeze!

  • Shade! It’s summer and it’s hot. While your guests will love the outdoor seating, in the middle of the day with the sun beaming down, guests are going to want some shade and often end up migrating inside. Keep the party going outside by setting up umbrellas OR rent a tent for the day and ensure an outdoor party rain or shine!

  • Ice! Nothing is worse than having to send your friend, partner or neighbor out mid party to get more ice. On a hot day ice melts quickly and you will need ice to keep beverages cold AND for your drinks. Keep extra ice in a freezer to replenish or for your next event.

  • Plan your grill time! Depending on your menu, you might have 4 or more items to grill and with proper planning you can spend less time cooking and more time with your guests. Start with the items that take the longest, like chicken or thick cuts of meat and finish with the items with the shortest cooking time like hot dogs or grilled watermelon. Want to avoid the grill all together? Hire a grill cook for the day!

  • Easy desserts! Don’t make anything elaborate or hard to assemble. Have something that can be served simply so you aren’t taking any time away from enjoying your guests. We like to serve assorted cookies and highlight fresh fruits in mini tarts or even an icebox cake!

Whether you are doing all the cooking yourself or have a fully catered affair, let us help!