Desserts for ALL Dietary Restrictions

Hosting is hard. Hosting while accommodating all your guests dietary restrictions, preferences and current diets is nearly impossible.. Below are some tips and tricks to make the end of your celebration sweet and easy!

Always have fruit. Most dietary restrictions and diets can enjoy fruit so have some on hand. Enjoy the season and dress it up by using a fun bowl or platter. You can also make fun dips to go with the fruit such as a maple whipped cream.

Semi home made is OK. You may be a top notch baker, but making dairy free, gluten free, vegan desserts are time consuming and take practice. Use pre made cakes or mixes and dress it up with homemade toppings and garnishes.

Remember to ask questions. Dairy free baking may be new to you, but your lactose intolerant guests navigate dessert on a regular basis. Ask them what they like, what works and doesn’t work for replacements in recipes and where they get their recipes. They will be happy you are putting in the effort.

Make desserts everyone can enjoy! This won’t work with every dietary restriction, but if you have a guest with nut allergies, leave them out of dessert. Gluten free? Why not a flour-less chocolate cake. Dairy free? Try a lovely meringue dessert with seasonal fruit. Don’t create more work making multiple desserts. Try to find something that will accommodate most of your guests. This will help you and will also avoid dessert envy!

Have questions about desserts? Want Peppercorn Events to do the baking for you? Reach out!